Launch a Project

Is engaging citizen scientists part of your mission? Do you have a community science project that needs a digital home for data and participant engagement? If so, consider joining the growing number of organizations who host their citizen science projects on FieldScope.

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FieldScope is a platform used by citizen and community science programs to activate participants to collect, visualize, analyze and share their data. Check out the FieldScope’s knowledge base for a full suite of articles about the FieldScope platform’s tools and features.

When you host your project on FieldScope, you have access to these tools and more:

  • Shared Project Database: A mobile-friendly platform for you to upload past data from spreadsheets and to invite your participants to add new data as they collect it.
  • Graphing and Mapping Tools: Your project’s data comes to life in a new way through our maps and graphs that you and your project participants can organize into shareable data dashboards.
  • Tools for Program Managers: Management tools for you to keep track of your participants and their contributions, manage and download project data, and more.
  • Tools for Groups: Do you have groups working within a project? FieldScope has the ability to have groups within a project for distributed project management across groups or chapters.

Interested in launching or migrating your project to FieldScope? Email us at or drop us a note using our Help Center contact form.