Empowering people and communities to increase our understanding of the world we share.

Mother and daughter in the forest looking at ferns through a magnifying glass.

The Power of Citizen Science

Citizen science connects communities, scientists, researchers, and educators through research and actively engages the public in the scientific process—from collecting and analyzing water samples to mapping the migration of birds, to identifying new plant and animal species, to monitoring the nesting activities of sea turtles.

It expands scientific knowledge and science literacy and allows scientists and citizens to work together to collect and analyze large datasets from broad geographic areas and advance our understanding of the world around us while providing insight to some of the environmental issues of the 21st century—water quality, biodiversity, and climate.

Powering Citizen Science with FieldScope

FieldScope provides citizen scientists of all ages and backgrounds with the means to explore and improve their community by collecting and analyzing data, and sharing observations and stories with community members and policy makers.

With FieldScope’s interactive platform, citizen scientists can monitor and map water quality, share photos and observations about a variety of plant and animal species, or learn about wetlands and amphibian conservation in their community by reporting on the calls of local frogs and toads.

In the classroom or out in the field, FieldScope creates opportunities for citizen scientists to make discoveries and document the world around them.

Explore FieldScope projects. Or contact us to launch a citizen science project with FieldScope.

Retired couple birdwatching on an old wooden footbridge in Florida wetlands.
Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle lying on the sand.
Teenage girl at the edge of a river viewing a water sample through a microscope.
Endangered Florida Scrub-Jay perched on branch.
Panoramic view of Yosemite National Park Valley.