Empowering communities to increase our understanding of the world we share.

Mother and daughter in the forest looking at ferns through a magnifying glass.

The Power of Citizen Science

Citizen science connects communities, scientists, researchers, and educators through research and actively engages the public in the scientific process—from collecting and analyzing water samples to mapping the migration of birds, to identifying new plant and animal species, to monitoring the nesting activities of sea turtles. Together, citizens and scientists can advance our understanding of the world while providing insight into 21st-century environmental issues, including water quality, biodiversity, and climate.

Powering Citizen Science with FieldScope

FieldScope is transforming the way organizations and community members engage in citizen science.

With FieldScope’s interactive platform, organizers of field studies can leverage sophisticated graphing and mapping visualization tools and resources to enhance their existing and future citizen science projects. Participants of all ages and backgrounds can then conveniently upload measurements, observations, and media to a shared project database.

Want to see how organizations are using FieldScope to help citizen scientists discover and document their world? Browse current projects.

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Retired couple birdwatching on an old wooden footbridge in Florida wetlands.
Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle lying on the sand.
Teenage girl at the edge of a river viewing a water sample through a microscope.
Endangered Florida Scrub-Jay perched on branch.
Panoramic view of Yosemite National Park Valley.